Push/Chop ver 1.0

I finally got around to cleaning this M4L device up and getting it to be stable enough to share with people. Check out a demo:

It’s a four channel Looper that can capture audio on any track in Live. It then chops the loop into 16 slices that you can trigger with the Push’s grid. There are hardware controls for playback speed, a stuttering effect, forward/reverse, one shot mode, and pattern recording. There’s also a lot of loop and quantization settings available on the device itself.

I’ve had this idea floating around since I got the Push a while ago, and it feels nice to have something usable. I used this in a performance of my piece South Hudson last weekend in Troy, NY (thanks for having me out Mr. Ryan Ross Smith!), and it proved to be stable and more importantly a lot of fun to use in a performance setting.

You can download the devices HERE. There’s more development and documentation on the way!

Push/Chop ver 1.0