Softstep Bitwig Scripts are here

I’ve been working on this through the week and it’s time to share it! At the request of a linux user over at the KVR forum I started polishing up this proof of concept. It’s a clip launching/FX controlling set of two presets. You have control over a 4×2 grid of clips, and also the ability to control the first 4 macros on any device in any of those four tracks. Complete with useful LED feedback!

I imagine this being useful in a Live looping situation, or just being able to navigate a live performance with your feet. You know, if you’re hands are too buys being up in the air because you are KILLING it.

Anyway, check out the github repository if you’re interested!

Softstep Bitwig Scripts are here

New things over at KMI.

We just launched a new website over at KMI!

This section will have music tech news, articles, and other informative posts. The inaugural post is the first part of a series of articles I will be writing discussing Effects Racks in Live. In this edition I recreate an Automatic Double Tracking setup with some nice additions that expand functionality and flexibility.

Thinking in Parallel: Live Effects Racks for Utility and Creativity


New things over at KMI.

The Little Midi Enveloper

A post from Ableton popped up on my facebook feed this morning, and I was surprised to find, after I followed the link, that they had included a device I made awhile ago in their three favorite new M4L devices!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.14.38 AM

My Little Midi Enveloper was based on the Little Enveloper by Maurizio Giri, but modified to work with midi as the source for modulation of parameters. This allows for all types of creative modulations. You can put an envelope on any parameter of the synth you’re playing. Or use a blank midi track to produce envelopes for any parameter in the set. You could even modulate the speed of the envelope with another envelope, for some rhythmically shifting modulation goodness.

You can check out the enveloper HERE.

And read the Ableton article HERE.

More M4L goodies on the way soon!


The Little Midi Enveloper

Back for 2014

It’s been over a year since I posted anything on this blog, and it’s my goal in 2014 to be more assertive about sharing my work, and the work of others through this blog.

2013 was an incredibly busy year for me. I worked on the audio team for Ubisoft on the amazing Rocksmith 2014. I learned so much on this project about sound and game design, but it left me little time to pursue my own creative endeavors.

I played many shows with Warbler, and we are working on finishing up an album that should hopefully be released later this year.

After my contract ran out, I immediately began focusing on my own work again, and have managed to record and produce a few new tracks, which can be heard on my soundcloud page if you navigate to the music section of the blog.

I also began developing a M4L device that captures audio and chops it for creative rearranging on the fly using the Push as an interface. I hope to have it polished enough to share with people in the next month or so, and will be making some demos when i get back to California at the end of the week.

I also signed up for Weekly Beats, and will attempt to create 52 tracks in 52 weeks. I’m not sure if I will reach that goal, but it’s a great way to stay motivated to make music year round.

Photo on 12-5-13 at 1.49 AM

Happy 2014 Everyone!

Back for 2014

This and That

dataf1ow – This and That

I have decided to compile a collection of music that i have produced over the past year. Half beat driven and half experimental, this album really runs a wide gamut of styles, and reflects what my interests as a composer and performer have been over the past year.

I’m offering it a a pay what you will download indefinitely.

As always thanks for listening.


This and That

Did a quick tutorial yesterday covering a very easy, efficient and transparent way to setup multiband processing in Live using EQ3’s. check the vid, and there is a download link in the description if you don’t feel like making the rack yourself.