The Little Midi Enveloper

A post from Ableton popped up on my facebook feed this morning, and I was surprised to find, after I followed the link, that they had included a device I made awhile ago in their three favorite new M4L devices!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.14.38 AM

My Little Midi Enveloper was based on the Little Enveloper by Maurizio Giri, but modified to work with midi as the source for modulation of parameters. This allows for all types of creative modulations. You can put an envelope on any parameter of the synth you’re playing. Or use a blank midi track to produce envelopes for any parameter in the set. You could even modulate the speed of the envelope with another envelope, for some rhythmically shifting modulation goodness.

You can check out the enveloper HERE.

And read the Ableton article HERE.

More M4L goodies on the way soon!


The Little Midi Enveloper

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