A summer of performances and Live Racks

This summer I am doing a few shows around the area, and one that I am most pumped about is the West Coast Controllerism Battle. Moldover, Ill.Gates, Mochipet are all doing some things there. And the judges are all total badasses in their own right- Zappan, J.Tonal and Laura Escude.

In prepartion for this I am going to be refining my performance strategy.  I usually prepare 30-60 minute sets which are made up of tons of audio clips from precomposed material. I will still use my pre written material, but there will be a lot more slicing, mangling and butchery involved.

I will be using two launchpads with the control schemes I’ve programmed previously, and hopefully in the next two weeks I will be able to put some new things together. But what I am I controlling with these you ask? That’s a very good question, and I will be sharing my devices with all who come through this blog, however few that may be.

To start things off I am going to share a beat repeat rack that I made when I first started performing. This is best used with at least 4 knobs, but it was initially designed for use with eight of them.  It is a chain of two beat repeats and the knobs are mapped to useful parameters in useful ranges. The first repeat is more subdued and is used for some strait ahead repeating/glitching goodness. The second is a bit more crazy and has pitch decay and a built in dry wet, so you can control how much effect you’re hearing.



Download HERE

A summer of performances and Live Racks

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