Getting Involved

I have never really considered myself much of a social activist. It had never been a big part of my life or development as a person, but recently I have seen that begin to change.  Through my involvement with the recording of Brighter Way (Thanks so much Amy and Steve), it seems that activism may have a role in my life after all.

When I accepted Amy’s offer to play bass on the song, I never imagined that it would push me to start looking outside of my own, small existence for inspiration and ways to use my skills to help others.  The evolution of that song into what it eventually has become showed me that, with a little creativity and dedication, everyone has the power to make a difference.

With that in mind, I didn’t hesitate when asked to create a piece of music/art about a cause that I have become passionate about. I am currently in contact with the founder of about writing a piece based on his organization.  I also am jumping at the opportunity to help Amy, and Haiti, by writing a piece that reflects my feelings toward the earthquake in Haiti and the relief effort  that ensued.

It’s different writing music for some THING, and not just for some ONE. Or just a fleeting emotion or thought. It can bring out the best in an artist or musician. It can make you approach writing in a much different light and in the end can be much more fulfilling then writing a piece that is just nice to listen to, or makes people dance. I am looking forward to getting started on these projects….As soon as I find some time I expect to throw myself into these and create something that not only speaks to me, but will be heard by others.

Stay tuned!

Getting Involved

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