Ableton Live Performance Template

Here is what I used for my performance two weeks ago. It is set up to be used with a bcf2000 and a novation launchpad.

Split into 6 channels of instrument groups (drum, bass, lead, pad, other, perc) One for live input of MLR, then these seven are all routed to a sub master chanell for global effects, eq’ing and dummy clips. If you want to get started jsut drop some audio files down into the chanells and start playing and tweaking knobs. It is a clip firing based performance setup with most of the improv done by chopping up things in mlr and butchering the audio via effects chains.   It still needs to be cleaned up a lot, more labeling and so on. I know what everything does but others might not. Feel free experiment, adapt, or destroy it as you see fit.  Any questions or comments will be answered/taken into consideration.

Hopefully someone will find this useful and interesting. Enjoy!

Performance Template Download

Ableton Live Performance Template

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