Toronto is Broken- Never Easy (EP)

Time to get grimy.  Toronto is Broken sent me a link to his recent EP “Never Easy” earlier this week and the album is a heavy and dirty listening experience. The album has your usual Dubstep wobble and slamming, steady beats, but it is the little things that make this a pleasant listen.

Some words from the artist: Firstly, these tracks are probably the best collection of tracks i’ve ever produced. all of them were produced using FL Studio 8, along with aload of additional plugins. I’m quite proud of the vocal sample on the track Wormhole, that simply says: “WORMHOLE”. I recorded about five or six layers of vocals, between me and my guitar and music tech teacher Steve Fitton into Cubase and used Melodyne and various ring mods to edit the vocals. Then they were imported into Audacity and destroyed some more, and then finally into FL Studio. Never Easy was the first track produced for the EP, and probably the second dubstep track I’d ever made in my life, swiftly followed by Don’t Turn Back.
I’m planning for Wormhole to appear on an album I’m producing at the moment later this year, where i’ll be exploring more dubstep, drum & bass, garage, electro hop and house styles

Wormhole- We kick things off with a solid house beat and hints of dub.  The track build slowly before dropping down to a halftime groove that got head nodding for sure.  The different energy levels really work well, a good place to start off the album.

Don’t Turn Back-  Interesting percussion elements, and a vocal wobble are the first things you’ll notice while listening to this tune. The bass comes in and takes us to a driving middle section that fades away to a less bass driven middle section, then drops back to the main motif.  The beats are powerful, the bass is wobbling, this is dubstep.

Hazard- Sparse introduction gives way to a big wobble, and whining lead sound that compliment each other quite nicely.  A tune that just plain grooves at times.  A little less action in the low end might be beneficial.  There are some very interesting sound design going on in the middle that can take you by surprise and provides a good contrast to the rest of tune.

Never Easy- Ghostly distorted voices float over the ears as you wait for the bass to come in. And it does indeed drop.  The characteristic bass sound that has been driving the album thus far remains.  The grooves are tight and pounding, but the percussion is what sets this track apart. A slight Latin vibe gives an ethnic undertone to this tune that makes it a fun and somewhat humorous listen.

Similar- Atmospheres take us slowly toward the drop of the main bass hook.  Which is pretty in your face.  Normal people beware this track isn’t for the faint of the hard.  The bass can get pretty oppressive at times in the track.  A high energy middle section takes the track in a chaotic direction, something you could really lose your mind to.  A much needed break occurs after that but doesn’t last long as the chaos returns with a vengeance.  The EP fades serenely out, giving us all a chance to decompress.

Overall it’s a solid listen for fans of the dubstep/d&b genre.  I would have liked to here a bit more development of some of the melodic ideas, but don’t take that with too much gravity.  The sound design was really well done throughout and the production quality was quite good as well.

Toronto is Broken- Never Easy (EP)

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