Novation Launchpad

I recently bought a Launchpad, wanting to move my compositions from the studio to the stage.  It seemed like a good enough controller for launching clips and such, but I was looking to use it as a monome emulator. Through the excellent community over at I stumbled across nonome for the launchpad.

I am currently attempting on integrating mlrV with my Live sets to allow for some more free improvisation and excitement for me and my audience.

More to come as soon as I get my shit together.

Novation Launchpad

One thought on “Novation Launchpad

  1. Hi there!
    You might also be interested in this.
    I’ve written a program called Katapult, that let’s you use the Launchpad with any MIDI software. It can map totally custom multipage layouts of buttons, faders and so on to the Launchpad, and send the midi output to any midi device or software. Check it out at

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